100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale

Stop struggling with overwhelm and start accelerating growth.

As the consumer experience gets increasingly frictionless, B2B buyers expect the same. Our step-by-step toolkit of solutions helps you save time and energy with 100 actionable ideas to revolutionize the B2B sale. It’s your clear roadmap to driving real results for your business.


What this isn’t? Another generic B2B idea book. ThinkLab developed these tactical solutions through 6 months of generative research, survey data, and focus groups with cross-functional teams of architects and designers, corporate real estate, manufacturers and end users. Our combination of physical + digital tools offers a competitive advantage to elevate the B2B experience in a progressively hybrid world.


Over 100 actionable ideas that you and your team can put into action today to drive success in key areas for the interiors industry.

ThinkLab B2B Playbook Networking


Discover how to create digital content and hybrid experiences that foster authentic connection in the absence of in-person happy hours.

ThinkLab B2B Playbook lead generation

Lead Generation

Attract and convert new prospects with thoughtful strategies that will help you stand out in the crowd.

ThinkLab B2B Playbook communication


Perfect your communications with this choose-your-own-adventure approach to reaching your target audience.

ThinkLab B2B Playbook customer experience

Customer Experience

Find out how a few easy-to-implement methods can help you create a frictionless experience – so you can do more with less.

ThinkLab B2B Playbook business development and growth

Business Development & Growth

Connect the dots for decision-makers with these tangible tips to fuel your growth.

ThinkLab B2B Playbook Tool Kit Preview


100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale is perfect for:

  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Elevating Internal Communications

We could list 100 reasons why this playbook is what your team needs to amp up your business – but we’ll just share these three:


Reason #1: You’ve been putting in the time but struggle to find solutions that work

Our playbook takes the guesswork out of the equation, saving you time and stress.


Reason #2: Your team is working diligently but feels intimidated by digital tactics

We break each action idea into bite-sized steps so that even the most tech-averse team member will feel informed and empowered to try our tangible techniques. Plus, there are plenty of new takes on traditional tactics to enhance your established strategies.


Reason #3: You want to look like a rockstar at work

This playbook is your secret weapon. Pop one of the Action Cards in your next presentation to totally wow the room. Who’s up for a promotion now? You are, you revolutionary rockstar.*

*results may vary, promotions not guaranteed.


One thing is for certain – when it comes to having a competitive edge, 100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale is the go-to resource you don’t want to be caught without.

Empower your team. See results.