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MAY 28, 11:30 AM EST

Interior Design Giants of Design Discuss Top Design Trends in Health and Wellness

Live Digital Seminar
Health and Wellness, like other market sectors, has seen incredible shifts over the past year. Join us as we sit down with Interior Design Giants of Design to discuss what has changed in Health and Wellness, what hasn't, and what they see as the trends moving forward. Uniquely qualified to speak on this topic, these design leaders represent some of the largest firms in the industry and share how they are using design thinking to evolve their strategy. This uncut dialogue not only offers first-hand insights on future changes, but also includes a complimentary summary report valued at $195.

Designed for:

  • Audience: A&D, Manufacturer, Independent Rep, Dealer, CRE

  • Experience Level: All

  • Time: 1 Hour

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