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Hot Market Growth Report:

A peek at what's to come.


The design industry landscape is evolving rapidly. In this report, ThinkLab will pull back the curtain to examine the industry and highlight key vertical markets that are growing, expanding, and shifting, then look ahead to see what’s unfolding for the future. For those who seek to serve the design industry with increasingly on-point product development, marketing messaging, and sales tactics, this report can be your guide to emerging opportunities in 2020 and beyond.  Report highlights include: 

  • The specification power of today’s designer
  • HOT vertical market opportunities + growth projections
  • A profile of the North American design profession today, taking into account firms, location, and work focus
  • Opportunities for manufacturers and service providers looking to partner

Product Category Benchmark Study:

Find out what’s hot & what’s not.


Tap into current market sentiments to get the stats and latest insights from the A&D community regarding your specific product category: Furniture, Fabric, Flooring, Surface Materials, Kitchen and Bath, or Lighting. Topics include:

  • Average price per sq. ft. for each category (can sub-sect by geographic region, primary vertical market, etc.)
  • Selection criteria by product category (price, design, durability, etc.)
  • Where they go for inspiration/information (digital, etc.)
  • Favorite brands by product category (write-ins)
  • Favorite manufacturer websites (and why)
  • Specification roles by product category including influence of end user selection
  • Number of manufacturers typically presented as options by product category
  • Observations on the VE process (when, by who, frequency)
  • Ideas for how manufacturers could better support designers
  • …and more

Live Digital Seminars:

Big insights, served bite sized.


Stay up-to-date on industry happenings with five included seats to live seminars on the last Friday of the month, PLUS 30-day access to the recording. See this month's live seminar and previously recorded topics, here. Some topics include: 

  • Strategies for connecting with A&D
  • Workplace design trends
  • The rise of the dealer designer
  • Healthcare 101: Navigating a complex changing market
  • Top trends: Higher education
  • Industry 101: The tangled web of contract design
  • Tips of the trade: Navigating the world of A&D
  • ... and more!

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