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Want access to exclusive, industry-specific market research? Here are the specifics on what to expect as an Insider:

Access to all custom products and services PLUS a 10% discount

In addition to great content, ThinkLab Insiders receive privileged access to all ThinkLab products and services at a reduced fee.

Hot Market Growth Report:

A peek at what's to come.


The design industry landscape is evolving rapidly. In this report, ThinkLab will pull back the curtain to examine the industry and highlight key vertical markets that are growing, expanding, and shifting, then look ahead to see what’s unfolding for the future.

View the sample here.

Product Category Benchmark Study:

Find out what’s hot & what’s not.


Tap into A&D insights on one of the following product categories:Furniture, fabric, flooring, surface materials, kitchen and bath, or lighting.

Topics include:

  • Specification criteria, influencers, and roles
  • Pricing and VE considerations
  • Sources for information and inspiration
  • Favorite brands
  • Ideal ways to market to A&D
  • …and more

Live Digital Seminars:

Big insights, served bite sized.


Stay up-to-date on industry happenings with unlimited seats to live seminars on the last Friday of the month, PLUS 30-day access to the recording. See this month's live seminar and previously recorded topics, here.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market:

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