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ThinkLab Product Review

Manufacturers: Do you want to boost your “spec-ability” and accelerate your product development?

Get inside the minds of specifiers through a ThinkLab Product Review

ThinkLab will conduct a virtual, blind, industry-neutral focus group to gather direct feedback and valuable  insights from influential A&D specifiers.

Customized to Your Brand and Business Objectives, ThinkLab Will:
  • FACILITATE brand-neutral, virtual focus groups
  • GATHER valuable insights from influential A&D specifiers with expertise specific to your product category
  • AUGMENT specifier feedback with anecdotal industry perspective to help drive your product development process
How We Do It:
  • SHOWCASE the product without revealing its manufacturer to obtain unbiased, unfiltered feedback
  • REVEAL the manufacturer, thereby capturing additional insights specific to brand association and reputation
  • PROVIDE a summary of key takeaways to help validate design direction

Virtual Product Review Pricing:
  • $10k (insider+ members receive 10% off)

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“Very well done! We gained valuable product insights to better position our sales and marketing tools.”


—Terry Mowers, Vice President Commercial Design, Tarkett