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The Definitive Playbook Series for the Interiors Industry

Your clear roadmap to drive sales-ready, momentum-charged results.

Get the Secret to Analog + Digital Success

A simple framework for the interiors industry. Finally. 

In the past, most B2B activities were either analog or digital. In the near future, there's nothing that won't touch some component of digital. And digital stuff can be...intimidating. But consider:

  • What used to take up 80% of a sales's reps time – face time with clients – is now down to half
  • 71% of design professionals say their biggest challenge is getting in touch with new prospects
  • 2 out of 3 buyers opt for digital self-service*
Don't let your team get lost in the overwhelm.

Our step-by-step playbooks provide easy-to-implement tactics to help you adapt quicklymaximize impact, and equip your teams to thrive.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for Success


Business Development Playbook

100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale

Accelerate success with step-by-step solutions you can implement today to grow your influence, instill trust, and increase sales in these key areas:

  • Networking: Create customer-centric connections with digital touchpoints
  • Lead Generation: Attract and convert new prospects with ease
  • Communication: Get instant-win processes so you can do more with less
  • Customer Experience: Discover the key to a frictionless experience
  • Business Growth: Scale your success with research-backed growth tactics

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Product Specification Playbook

100 Ways to Create a Phygital Sales & Marketing Strategy

Stay ahead of your customers with proven strategies to help you equip your reps for success + maximize your investments in these key areas: 

  • Showrooms: Transform the tour to reinvent the offline/online experience
  • Libraries: Support A&D with digital curation + smart, sustainable sampling
  • Events: Generate results with a personalized, equitable experience
  • Product Presentations: Ditch the pitch to drive more sales in less time
  • Rep Growth: Leverage sales-ready strategies to close more deals

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Want All the Tips? Go All In.

Get Both Playbooks & Save

The All-in-One Playbook Package

Can't choose just one? Get both playbooks and align your sales, marketing, and product teams with a modern approach built around the needs of your customers.

Our all-in-one playbook package is your secret weapon to driving sales with B2C tactics that win in a B2B world. 

Plus, they're just really fun to read. It's like if the design industry came with an instruction manual, but with jokes.

Save $500 when you purchase the all-in-one playbook package + get our exclusive BONUS content tools:

  • Swipe file featuring 50 done-for-you application eBlasts
  • Business Development Infographic Cheat Sheet
  • Sales & Marketing Infographic Cheat Sheet
ThinkLab design industry playbooks plus bonus content displayed in multiple device bundle

Easy-to-Implement Ideas

Jumpstart your sales and marketing success with applicable strategies and forward-thinking ideas you can implement immediately.


Done-For-You Eblasts

Activate in a flash with our bonus swipe file of 50 pre-written, enablement eblasts to help your team put new tactics into practice.


Value-Packed Package

Take advantage of our all-in-one package to get both playbooks + a bonus set of curated content tools at a specially discounted price. 

The Guide You've Been Waiting For

Our Playbooks Are For You If:

You're working diligently but secretly feel intimidated by digital tactics. (We've been there.)

We break each action idea into bite-sized steps so that even the most tech-averse team member will feel informed and empowered to try our tested techniques. Plus, there are plenty of new takes on traditional tactics to enhance your established strategies. You can definitely do this.

You’ve been putting in the time but struggle to find solutions that work with the shifts in our industry.

Our playbooks take the guesswork out of the equation, saving you time and stress. You know where you want to go – our playbooks show you how to get there, faster.

You like to stay ahead of the curve – and ahead of the competition.

Want to be at the forefront of new thinking and try out new tactics with a beta-test mindset? The all-in-one playbook package is perfect for a trendsetter like you. It's everything you need to win in one must-have resource. Checkmate. 

You want more than just big ideas. You need practical exercises to put into action.

Our step-by-step solutions help you work smarter – not harder – with practical applications you can put into effect immediately. 

You want to look like a rockstar at work.

Our playbooks are your secret weapon for instant wins. Pop one of the Action Cards in your next presentation to totally wow the room. Who’s up for a promotion now? You are, you revolutionary rockstar.*

*results may vary, promotions not guaranteed.

Proceed With Confidence

Your Go-To Resource

Customer Success Spotlight

What People Are Saying

"Amazing! We will be taking one page from the playbook on our bi-weekly team call, implementing the ideas for two weeks and then giving an update on if that activity was successful."
Contract Furniture
"100 Ways to Create a Phygital Sales & Marketing Strategy is well packaged and loaded with valuable insights. Nicely done!"
Architectural Walls


No Overwhelm. Just results.

Equip Your Teams

Business Development Playbook
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100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale eBook
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Product Specification Playbook
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100 Ways to Create a Phygital Sales & Marketing Strategy eBook
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All-in-One Playbook Package
one-time payment
SAVE $500! Get both playbooks + our exclusive BONUS content tools when you purchase our specially priced all-in-one package.
Enterprise License
100 Practical Ways to Revolutionize the B2B Sale eBook
100 Ways to Create a Phygital Sales & Marketing Strategy eBook
50 Done-For-You Eblast Swipe File
Phygital Cheat Sheet
B2B Sales Cheat Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are these different than other B2B playbooks out there?

These are not your average B2B idea books – our playbooks are curated for the B2B professionals in the interior design industry, with strategies built with your target market in mind. At ThinkLab, we have over 100+ years of combined A&D and manufacturer experience behind our methodology. We developed the tactical solutions in our playbooks through months of generative research, survey data, and focus groups with cross-functional teams of architects and designers, corporate real estate, manufacturers and end users.

Will this playbook help me if I am in sales/marketing/product development/biz dev?

Absolutely. Each organization/team is starting from a different place.  Our playbooks are structured to allow your business to personalize the journey that’s right for you with applicable takeaways for your sales, marketing, product development and business strategy teams. 

Can we share the playbooks within our organization?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Your playbook purchase includes an enterprise license so that you can use the content across your organization to support the success of your teams. 

How can we use the playbooks effectively?

The techniques found in the playbook are not meant to add more tasks to your to-do list – in fact, it’s just the opposite! The playbook provides a framework so that you can streamline, automate, and accelerate. A few implementation ideas we recommend: 

  • Starting team meetings with a playbook prompt
  • Distributing to team members for asynchronous application
  • Pairing with a workshop for an interactive sales meeting experience
  • Featuring an idea tip in your internal newsletter (Want it done-for-you? Our bundle package comes with 50 pre-written pieces of playbook newsletter content for your convenience)
Will I get any 1:1 support from ThinkLab?

The great thing about our playbooks is that you can use them DIY-style to provide done-for-you strategic support to your teams or you can opt to pair them with a curated, facilitated workshop for a guided experience.

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